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Health benefits of Patol || Medicinal properties of Patol. - Diseases and Medicines:

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Health benefits of Patol || Medicinal properties of Patol.


Health benefits of Patol  ||  Medicinal properties of Patol.

Patol (a kind of kitchen vegetable) is one of the most popular vegetables. This Patol has various uses. Patol is cooked and eaten with bharta, bhaji, fish and also various vegetables. Hilsa-patol both is a popular recipe. Patol is available in the market throughout the year. This small vegetable is also very beautiful to look at. The English name of Patol is Multitude.



In Nepal sick patients are fed patol soup. Cooked with potatoes in South Asia and West Indies. In Indonesia, patol is used in a variety of dishes such as stir-fry, boiled in coconut milk or steamed. It is found in Asia as well as in Australia.

Patol is a nutritious food. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C, calcium and antioxidants. Patol is a vegetable we eat but it has innumerable health benefits. Which many people don't know?



Health benefits of Patol  ||  Medicinal properties of Patol.


Let's know about the health benefits of Patol-

Helps in weight loss:

 Patols are low in calories. So you can safely eat patol curry for weight loss. It helps to keep the stomach full and reduce hunger. Due to the abundance of anti-oxidants in the beetroot, blood cholesterol levels are normal and sugar levels are normal. As a result, there is no risk of heart disease and diabetes. So eat more patol regularly.


Purifies the blood:

 Eating patol regularly keeps the blood clean. As a result, the skin is better. As a result, this green vegetable also works well in skin care.


 Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar:

 The small round seeds of patol help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels naturally.


Helps cure flu:

 Patol is used as a medicine to reduce cold, fever and sore throat in Ayurvedic medicine.


 Eliminates age spots:

 Patols contain vitamins A and C and are beneficial for the skin as they contain antioxidants. Patols help prevent the signs of aging by preventing the proliferation of free radicals. 


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Reduces headache:

 Applying the juice of green patol on the head will cure headaches and also cure baldness in those who have baldness at a young age.

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